SSF Supports Food Lifeline’s Food Frenzy

Swenson Say Fagét Supports Food Lifeline’s Food Frenzy.

Swenson Say Fagét has been annually supporting Food Frenzy since 2009. Employee participation varies from donating time at Food Lifeline’s Shoreline Repack Center to monetary donations. This year our first team of 11 helped repack 15,000 pounds of Costco items for use by 170+ shelters and food banks in Western Washington. Team #2 is scheduled to help on July 23rd!

Our goal this year? $1500 and 40 hours of volunteer time by July 25th!

We invite you to join our support of Food Lifeline. To find out more, visit the Food Frenzy Website.

Kudos to Bart Blans, Brian Richter, Brian RittereiserChardie Byrne, Francesca Renouard, Heidi Maki, Jocelyn Tetreault, Joe Dixon, Ryan Anderson and Sean Johnson.


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