Portage Bay Residence

float home just west of the Montlake cut

Portage Bay Residence

Seattle, WA

The Portage Bay Residence is just one example of dozens of float homes that SSF has designed over the past 20 years. Float home living is a special subset of Seattle culture, not dissimilar to living in a small town. Float home construction is special too. It takes specific details to assure the sea-worthiness of the structure’s water envelope. The architectural design must be ‘bottom-heavy’.  And because it floats on water, contractors have no use for their levels. This particular home captures the essence of float homes – lots of light, lots of wood, built-in amenities, a rooftop deck, and of course a swim ladder. Also typical, this project reused 100-year-old cedar logs for the float.

More information may be found in this Pacific NW Magazine Article and in Architectural Record.


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