Scott Brown

Songbird Apartments

Songbird receives master use permit for apartments at 119 12th Ave.


Swift 4200 Apartments

Jan. 23 will mark the likely final design review for Nitze-Stagen’s planned apartment building at 4200 S. Webster Street.


Overlake Mixed-use

This 233-unit project is walking distance to the future Overlake Village Link Light Rail Station.


Arts & Events Hall opening

SSF project with LMN architects the Port Angeles Field Arts & Events Hall is scheduled to open in July.


800 E Denny Apartments

The YWCA purchased 800 E Denny and will rent to households earning 30% or less of the area median income.


New First Citizens Bank TI

This 7,775-square-foot First Citizen’s Bank branch is one of many businesses that occupy the commercial space at Brewery Blocks.