Promotions and New Staff Members

Swenson Say Faget hired Lori DeBoer as a project engineer and Aaron Lieberman as a staff engineer in Seattle, and promoted Francesca Renouard, Bethany Brown and Joanna Johnson to project engineers. DeBoer has 10 years of structural engineering experience. She is working on FX McRory’s renovation in Seattle. Lieberman is working with the residential teams, including on Blackbird Apartments in Redmond. Renouard holds a master’s of civil engineering from UC Berkeley, and is working on a seismic evaluation for St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Medina. Brown is working on multifamily projects, including Boylston Flats in Seattle. Johnson holds a master’s in structural engineering from the University of Washington. She is working on an office building in Seattle. Swenson Say Faget is a structural engineering firm, with an office also in Tacoma.


Interning with SSF / / 08.26.19

From in-depth engineering lessons, I feel armed with the intrigue to apply in my upcoming senior year classes.

Arts & Events Hall opening / / 05.05.23

SSF project with LMN architects the Port Angeles Field Arts & Events Hall is scheduled to open in July.

Housing Hope ELC Project / / 06.07.23

Madrona Highlands has 52 units across four connected buildings.