Pallet Shelters – Rapid Shelter Solution for the Unhoused

Pallet Shelters – Rapid Shelter Solution for the Unhoused

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More than half a million people are experiencing homelessness in America. New permanent housing is being built, but it can’t come fast enough for the hundreds of thousands of people who sleep on the streets. Pallet was created to rapidly shelter people at the scale that is needed – treating homelessness like the emergency that it is. They are building personal, safe, and dignified shelters in a matter of hours, instead of the years it takes to build permanent structures.

As a WA State Social Purpose Company (SPC), Pallet’s purpose is to 1) end unsheltered homelessness and 2) develop a nontraditional workforce. Pallet shelters are designed and built by people with lived experience in homelessness. 90% of the staff who build the shelters have lived experience in homelessness, addiction, or incarceration. In 2020, Pallet created 1500 new beds for people experiencing homelessness.

SSF was fortunate to team with Pallet on the structural design of the aluminum frame sleeping cabins. Available in 64, 100, 400, and soon 800 square foot designs, each shelter assembles in less than an hour with minimal costs. These are not intended as permanent housing, but serve as a rapid temporary solution while permanent affordable housing is being constructed.  So far, we have worked on communities in Yreka CA, Providence RI, Ft Lauderdale FL, Seaside OR, Portland OR, Birmingham AL, and Santa Fe NM.




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