Plaza Roberto Maestas

mixed-use development adjacent to the Beacon Hill light rail station

Plaza Roberto Maestas

Seattle, WA

Touted as the new Town Center of Beacon Hill, El Centro de la Raza’s Plaza Roberto Maestas is a mixed-use development adjacent to the light rail station. It provides 113 units of affordable housing over 30,000 square feet of daycare, multi-cultural community center, retail/restaurant and office space. This development includes one 4-story and one 5-story wood framed building over post-tensioned concrete separated by a courtyard with below grade parking under the entire complex. Plaza Roberto Maestas is a shining example of combining affordable housing (for residents making between 30 and 80% of the median income), with the City’s investment in transit and green building while preserving Latino cultural traditions.

May 2017: Plaza Roberto Maestas won the 2017 AIA/HUD Secretary Housing and Community Design Award for Bevolved Community

August 2019: Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Awards 

Mixed-use project opens near Beacon Hill light rail station

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