Eleanor Apartments

affordable senior housing

Eleanor Apartments

Bellingham, WA

Located at the corner of N. Forest and E. Champion Streets on the former Wilson Motors property, the Eleanor Apartments broke ground in 2016. The 4-story complex has 80 units, a 3,000 SF community center, and a health and wellness center.  The structure consists of 4 stories of wood-framed construction over a 12” mat slab foundation. An assembly area is located on the first level with framing built from the combination of wood floor trusses and steel transfer beams. With apartment vacancy rates less than 1% in Whatcom County, affordable housing is challenging to find. The Eleanor helps vulnerable seniors become self-sufficient.

Additional information may be found in this Bellingham Harold Article.

See a time-lapse video of the project at Dawson Construction’s website.


Rendering by RMC Architects