Decatur Island Retreat

Decatur Island Retreat

Decatur Island, WA

Designed for an owner who is a landscape architect, this project aimed to have minimal site disturbance and a low environmental impact on its remote site. Located on a steep site in the San Juan Islands, the structure levitates above the hillside courtesy of a steel exoskeleton that negotiates the slope. A primary design objective was creating a flexible building to accommodate future needs. The steel superstructure attaches to concrete spread footings, and the interior wood-framed thermal modules are independent of the steel frame providing the ability to reconfigure the space over time. From an energy perspective, the net zero design is appropriate for the current occupant load and is adaptable for future residents. The 868 SF home and a 667 SF exterior deck space provide a serene retreat to enjoy the 180-degree view of the Salish Sea.


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