Cape Flattery Lighthouse Study

You can catch a glimpse of the Cape Flattery Lighthouse from the end of an isolated trail at the most northwesterly point of the lower 48 states, where the Makah people have lived for millennia. The lighthouse, first constructed in 1857 by the U.S. Lighthouse Service, is situated just three-quarters of a mile from the edge of Cape Flattery on remote Tatoosh Island. Tatoosh is the Northwestern tip of both the Makah Indian Reservation and the contiguous United States.  …  Trust for Historic Preservation Blog Post

Cape Flattery Lighthouse Project

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419 Occidental is the former FX McRory's building. At eight stories the project’s stair tower is currently the tallest CLT structure in Seattle.

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The Ascona Apartments, at 200 Fifth Ave. S., have sold for $11.25 million

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The SDCI published this blog post about the current status of the URM ordinance and the next steps.