Trace Lofts

conversion of an existing warehouse into housing and retail

Trace Lofts

Seattle, WA

Situated at the corner of East Madison and 12th, this development was the renovation of the Trace Warehouse combined with a new, modern development that abuts the older structure. Trace Lofts, the warehouse conversion, consisted of 42 condominiums with street-level retail. The original unreinforced masonry was three stories and a basement with a timber-framed roof and floors. The redevelopment added two additional levels to the roof and relocated several columns in the basement to accommodate parking. The building was seismically retrofitted using steel-bracing frames on each side of the triangular shaped structure. Trace North, the new building, contains 100 condos as well as ground-floor retail. The building consists of five stories of wood framed residential units over one level of concrete retail space and two below-grade levels of parking. Both buildings are certified Built Green.


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