Barclay Court

owner-occupied loft atop two ground-level studio apartments

Barclay Court

Seattle, WA

This award-winning project is the Seattle Times 2003 Home of the Year. This remodel of an existing, dilapidated triplex establishes a dialogue between existing and new construction while integrating the work of its owner, a glass artist, in a meaningful way. The completed project consists of an owner-occupied loft residence atop two ground-level studio apartments. The foundation, floors and exterior walls of the original structure were retained and clad in sheet-metal siding. The entry and a third floor deck were carved from this original box. A bowed roof volume, clad in clear finished Okoume plywood, was “inserted” into the original structure and cantilevers from it. Inside, a three-story steel stair vertically connects the old and new volumes and provides access to and through the owner’s unit. The owner’s artwork is integrated into the stair in the form of cast glass treads.


Benjamin Benschneider


Falck Residence