Ponce Capati

Senior CAD Technician


The Kardashians
I-5 South near South Center
Slow play on the golf course
My fantasy football team
Bravo Channel
Bacon that isn’t crispy

Born into a Navy family in Angeles City, the Philippines, Ponce has traveled the world. In addition to the Philippines, home has been the Bay Area, Guam, Whidbey Island,  Phoenix, and back to the Pacific Northwest. With his wife, 2 daughters and a golden-doodle, he lives in the south sound and loves his commute to the SSF Tacoma office. His favorite pass-times include golf, football (go Hawks except when playing the 49ers!), and traveling to the Philippines to visit family and friends. Shoes? Next time you see Ponce, don’t forget to glance down to see which pair of Nikes or Jordans he’s sporting from his 100-pair shoe collection!