Jordan Jones

Staff Engineer


Ryan's Reba lunchbox
Reba's theme song that gets stuck in my head every time I look at the lunchbox
Pine nuts
Old janky elevators
Deep water
Chris' dominate foosball skills
Tacoma parking enforcement

A northwest native, Jordan was born at Tacoma General, grew up in Puyallup, attended Saint Martin’s University and now works with our SSF Tacoma office. When not busy with 2 kids, 2 cats and a bunny, you’ll find him helping his wife with her florist and photography businesses, or occasionally getting out of the city to snowboard or camp. He has traveled extensively throughout North America and is particularly enthusiastic about Hawaii. When asked about unusual talents or interesting tidbits, he replied, “I have a double-jointed thumb, and I grow watermelons for sport.” What more do you need to know?