Hopelink’s Redmond Integrated Service Center

Hopelink sew service center will better serve east side residents

Hopelink’s Redmond Integrated Service Center

Redmond, WA

The Redmond Hopelink Integrated Service Center is a 28,000 SF, two-story building that combines Hopelink’s Redmond administrative offices, client services staff and the Redmond food bank. The new structure will have tall open spaces at the first floor food bank and client services areas.  Administrative and office spaces are located on the second floor. The wood framed building structure features exposed wood/steel open web trusses at the second floor and roof and exposed glulam beams and columns.  Due to challenging site conditions, the building foundations are supported on a matrix of compacted aggregate piers. Groundbreaking for the project occurred on April 28, 2017.

Hopelink was established in 1990 as a non-profit agency that promotes self-sufficiency for all members of the community. The new Redmond center will ensure much easier access to services for seniors and others in Redmond and the surrounding areas.

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