Every Project Benefits From Our Cumulative Structural Engineering Experience

A technique embraced on an earthquake retrofit benefits a remodel project. A preservation job informs a seismic analysis. And so on.

New Structures

Big or small, every project is unique. We get that.
Let us help you realize your vision!



SSF helps dreams become reality. Our preference is to contribute our design expertise as early as possible in the design process.


Proceeding beyond the vision, we begin to design the structure. SSF utilizes state-of-the-art technology to create an efficient structural system.


Once design is complete, construction begins. Seeing the vision become reality is an exciting moment for everyone. SSF is committed to providing outstanding service during the construction phase. (Video courtesy of Forma Construction)


Watching a project wrap up is one of the most rewarding experiences in the building industry. At SSF the process is just as important as the final product. (Image courtesy of Schacht Aslani Architects)


Beryl Apartments, 12th & Pike / / 07.06.15

Tarragon, Ankrom Moisan, Compass Construction and SSF just completed an 88-unit market-rate project on Capitol Hill.

University VW/Audi Update / / 03.05.14

Freeway Motors' University Volkswagen/Audi Expansion is well underway and due for completion in May 2015.

Micro Housing / / 03.04.15

Swenson Say Faget has extensive experience with micro housing projects on Capitol Hill and the U District.




Existing Buildings

We are passionate about existing structures. We
give them the respect they deserve.








Ballard Fire Station Reuse and Reduce / / 03.24.16

The 1970s building is 38 percent more efficient after a big renovation.

Vashon Barn Transformed into Home / / 05.10.13

Dubbed "The Barnstorm Project", one of Vashon's original barn structures has been transformed into a 4,100-square-foot home for the owner of Macrina Bakery.

Fran's New Factory Opens / / 10.06.14

Frans Chocolates new manufacturing and headquarters facility in Georgetown.




Special Projects

Bring us your unique project. We love a good challenge.







"Swenson Say Faget is a group of dynamic, innovative, and collaborative structural engineers. We have enjoyed the great fortune of working with them on a multitude of projects ranging from high end residential to parks to large structures. Not only are they phenomenal structural engineers, they are great fun to work with! I highly recommend them!"

Laurie J. Pfarr, P.E., LEED AP, CESCL, Principal/Owner, LPD Engineering, PLLC

"SSF is equitable and truly values the happiness of their employees.  This is evident in the retention rate…people that work here stay here!  We get great bonuses, time and a half for overtime, 401k contributions and pay nothing for health care."

Brian Rittereiser, SSF Staff

"I like working here because I have the freedom to explore my ideas. I came here because the opportunities for growth are unparalleled, and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. I stay here because my coworkers are awesome, you can’t beat the perks and there’s a constant effort by SSF leadership to make things even better. Shareholders wholeheartedly support my volunteer efforts – and I get volunteer PTO!"

Sean King, Associate Principal

"When we have a vision for a structure, I know that I can easily communicate it with the SSF team. Finding an engineer who is not only technically capable, but is also able to communicate the design concept through the skeleton of the building; that is a match made in heaven. They also know how to throw a good party!"

Alev Seymen, LEED AP, Project Associate, Board & Vellum

“As an advocate for historic preservation, working with Swenson Say Faget has been tremendous.  They understand the significance historic buildings hold for our collective memory and have a knack for designing solutions that retain a sense of the past and highlight character-defining elements while meeting contemporary building needs.”

Chris Moore, Executive Director, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

"SSF Engineers all work on a variety of wood, steel, masonry and concrete projects.  It is pretty special to get that kind of breadth of experience."

Brian Rittereiser, SSF Staff

"The Engineers at Swenson Say Faget have been our structural problem-solvers for over two decades. When we have a complex design to create or simply want to enjoy collaborating with their kind, fun, and very experienced engineers, we call SSF!"

Tim James Rhodes, RA, AIA, Rhodes Architecture and Light

"I look forward to going to SSF every morning. Our efforts are targeted toward producing the best work product possible for our clients. To do that, we focus on creating a work environment that fosters creativity and happiness among employees. That may mean wearing shorts and a t-shirt to work or bringing your dog. Being as comfortable and happy as we can be allows us to produce the best work possible. I believe this shows in our product."

Brett Mozden, Associate Principal

"I love the project variety and the people I get to work with. I also love the laid-back work environment and the satisfaction I get from finishing projects – I get to do that a lot here."

Brian Richter, SSF Staff

"SSF's structural engineers are unflappable, careful, creative, and dedicated.  My structural engineer is my wingman, and I truly value SSF working beside me through design and construction.  Through our 15 years of collaboration, our teamwork has created solid designs and strong projects."

Jim Cary, Principal, Cardinal Architecture PC

"As a young engineer, SSF is a great place to grow and learn. It is also the definition of work-life balance."

Joanna Klimczak, SSF Staff

“Swenson Say Faget’s engineers are great collaborators in crafting project-specific structural design and detailing solutions.”

Brad Miller, Principal, Miller Hayashi Architects

"Heliotrope has worked with Dan Say and Ryan Reichman almost exclusively for over 15 years now, and have watched them all lose their hair - while we’ve retained ours. We are huge fans of their professionalism and creativity - and they can do math!”

Joseph Herrin, AIA, Principal, Heliotrope Architects 

“To secure a mechanical permit, we occasionally need supplemental structural support detailing. Swenson Say Faget has never failed to respond quickly and efficiently to our needs.”

John Greenlaw, Vice President, The Greenbusch Group, Inc.

"We don't take the stuffed shirt approach to solving problems."

Rob Galus, Principal

“I never thought working with engineers could actually be fun until we connected with SSF!”

Terry Miller, Schultz | Miller

"At SSF, the entire team is valued, from support staff to IT to CAD to technical staff. They provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which to excel. And almost as important ... who wouldn’t like a dog-friendly office?"

Heidi Maki, SSF Staff

"SSF Engineers have a high level of responsibility on projects and are empowered to make important decisions and come up with creative solutions. We are not just plugging and chugging through calculations we’ve done 100 times."

Brian Rittereiser, SSF Staff

"We allow people to be themselves.  I’m proud of the people we have and the work that we do every day."

Chardie Byrne, Principal

"I value Ryan Reichman’s contributions, especially in the early stages of the design process because he thinks like an architect."

Paul S. Akiyama, Architect, Akiyama Architecture, LLC

"It is rare to find a company that doesn’t pigeon-hole employees into a certain project type for the sake of 'efficiency'.  SSF promotes diverse work experiences to help employees grow in their careers."

Zane Kanyer, Associate Principal

"I appreciate the company's community involvement, not only through their radio sponsorships with KUOW and KEXP, but their commitment to AIA, Design In Public, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, SMPS and more."

Heidi Maki, SSF Staff

“Ncompass Construction confidently relies on SSF to assist with projects of all sizes.  From calculating a simple beam replacement, to whole house structural details, the SSF team consistently provides us with great personal service and quick turn-around.”

Stefan Hansmire, Ncompass Construction

“We have been working with SSF since 1997. Our experience has been consistently positive. Our detail oriented residential projects require a high degree of interaction with engineers; we have found SSF to be engaging, timely and collegial. With this experience, we would not think of working with anyone else.”

Daniel Stettler, Principal, Stettler Design

"Here's a quote I saw recently. 'God made structural engineers so architects can have heroes too.' "

Tony Williamson, SSF Staff

"We’ve found SSF, and in particular, Brett Mozden, to be flexible, practical and creative. A pleasure to work with."

John DeForest, AIA, DeForest Architects

"Swenson Say Faget’s commitment to our community and the built environment is evidenced in their long-term leadership and support of many of our community organizations. They are engaged and creative partners of both AIA Seattle and Design in Public, and an integral part of our success."

Lisa Richmond, Executive Director, AIA Seattle

"I’ve never worked with a more collaborative, creative and thoughtful group of engineers."

Jay Janette, Principal, Skidmore Janette Architects

"SSF hits it out-of-the-park with communication and creative design."

Blaze Bresko, Principal

"I have to tell you that in the short two years I have been associated with SSF, I am extremely impressed. You are the best, most responsive consultant I have ever worked with in 33 years. Your approach to engineering is equaled only by your customer service. I can't believe how fast you work and how quickly you are able to respond.

I can only say that this attitude appears to be pervasive within SSF, as I have seen the same attitude from Greg Coons. What a firm!"

David Clark, Principal, David A. Clark Architects

"Exceptional service, outside the box thinking, quick and accurate turn around time and most importantly, great people."

Mike Skidmore,  AIA, NCARB, Principal, Skidmore Janette Architects

"SSF is unique in that we compete with both the big and small firms. We are your one-stop shop for structural engineering services. Not many firms can say that."

Brian Richter, SSF Staff

"When I was in grad school, I had a few classes with an SSF employee. He and I had similar personalities and he thought I would be a good fit. I love the work and the opportunity to design almost every project type you could imagine, from residential to retrofits to climbing gyms. I've been here since 2004, and am now fortunate enough to be a shareholder. I think he was right!"

Zane Kanyer, Associate Principal

"It’s a pleasure working with this clever bunch…"

Joe Dixon, SSF Staff

“I can’t say enough great things about Swenson Say Faget. Whether we need a simple beam sized, or a 10,000 SF home engineered, we love working with SSF. The engineers are all great communicators (which can be rare in this field), timely, and most importantly the designs make sense both for our aesthetic ideals and for the builders in the field.”

Michelle Linden, Principal, Atelier Drome Architecture, LLP

"In my 25 year career in Seattle I have probably completed 30-40 projects with SSF; I admit I’ve strayed a couple of times, but we have always come back for the consistency, pragmatism and collaborative spirit.  We have brought 'interesting' designs to the table a few times, which were always met with a can do spirit, along with a dose of well deserved wry wit.  I think I even raised Paul’s heart rate from 50 to 54 once, love that low drama in our structural engineer!"

Jeb Thornburg, Architect/Founder, Indigo Architecture & Interiors

"We are only as good as those we work with.  SSF is the best and we value our partnership. Thanks for all you do."

Kevin Price, Creative Director/Lead Architect, JAS Design Build

“I love getting up in the morning to go to a place where I love the people I work with. I am fascinated with the young, smart minds that work here and feel that I learn as much from them as they learn from me; and at the same time privileged to work with those that have been with us for many years. I have often heard that we 'don’t seem like engineers,' well that is just fine with me.  We are 'engineers-for-the-people' - we can work with anyone.”

Dan Say, Principal

"The creativity inherent in engineering separates the mediocre from the excellent."

Paul Faget, Principal

"I get paid to do what I love to do, what I believe I have been made to do, for my friends and with my friends.  If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is…"

Ryan Reichman, Principal

"I’m given the autonomy to do what I was hired to do: be an engineer and work with great colleagues and clients!"

Robert Henry, SSF Staff

"Alternate Transportation Supported!  SSF has bike racks and a shower for bicycle commuters!"

Dan Morrow, Principal

"After working with SSF over the past 15 years, I can say that they are responsive, creative, energetic, accurate, and funny. Yes, funny. That is an essential quality for my structural engineer!"

Nils Finne, AIA, FINNE Architects

"I like working here because of the great people, great leadership, fun projects, project variety, Tacoma location…great atmosphere. I keep working here for the same reasons. SSF is easy going, but super productive."

Tony Williamson, SSF Staff

"Swenson Say Faget is simply the architect's engineer.  They strive to understand the design intent and support it through their own talents.  I have been working with them since 1979 and hope to continue our great relationship."

Ric Peterson, FAIA, Suyama Peterson Deguchi

"We challenge our staff to push their own limits as much as they can."

Gary Swenson, Principal

“We’ve worked with Swenson Say Faget for over twenty years and nothing’s fallen down yet!”

Mike Mora, Principal, Heliotrope Architects 

"Working with SSF is fun, friendly and creative. The folks at SSF are always open to pursuit of the best idea for the project at hand."

Jonathan Hartung, Principal, SHKS Architects

"I’ve been working with SSF for over 15 years with 3 different companies, including my own. To me they’re a co-worker I can always depend on, and that peace of mind makes doing my job a whole lot easier!"

Dave Stave, Designer / Principal, William E Buchan Inc / Stave Drafting & Design

“I have worked with SSF on both public and private commercial buildings. From new construction to historic preservation projects, they have become a critical asset to the success of our team. They are talented structural engineers, who understand the construction / design requirements of our clients and integrate them with the realities of the budget. They are extremely creative. I cannot give them a higher recommendation!"

Eric Cederstrand, President, Commencement Bay Development